Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) Charter

With the digital transformation of information sharing, the ability to trace the provenance of media has become critical. To address this issue at scale for publishers, creators and consumers, the Consortium will develop technical specifications for establishing content provenance and authenticity. The specifications will be informed by scenarios, workflows and requirements gathered from industry experts and partner organizations, including the Project Origin Alliance and the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI.)

The Consortium Steering Committee will approve the formation and planned activities of technical working groups. Work will include:

  • Documenting industry workflow requirements, informed by subject matter experts and partner organizations such as Project Origin and CAI

  • Applying those requirements to the development of content provenance specifications

  • Developing best practices and reference designs for applying those standards to the targeted industry workflows

  • Ensuring that the specifications can be used in ways that respect privacy and personal control of data, and promote tool availability for a wide range of organizations

  • Ensuring that specifications meet appropriate security requirements

  • Promoting selected specifications to become global standards

In addition to identifying target industries, establishing technical working groups and working with partner organizations as appropriate, the Steering Committee will develop guidelines that address issues pertinent to the use of content provenance methods, including but not limited to:

  • The education of creators, publishers, media consumers, regulatory bodies, and governmental agencies

  • The establishment of a rich ecosystem of digital provenance enabled applications

  • The global adoption of digital provenance techniques by target industry devices, systems, and services

  • The adoption of the Consortium’s specifications by social media and messaging platforms

  • Addressing the privacy and data concerns of creators, publishers, and consumers

  • Ensuring that content accessibility is not negatively impacted by digital provenance techniques

Technical Working Group Charter

Our membership agreement, which includes the charter of our Technical Working Group, can be found here.