The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) is a project of the Joint Development Foundation, a Washington-based 501c6 non-profit, that brings together the efforts of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and Project Origin.

Founded in late 2019 by Adobe in collaboration with the New York Times and Twitter, the CAI is building a system to provide to provide provenance and history for digital media, providing a tool for creators to claim authorship while empowering consumers to make informed decisions about what to trust. Project Origin, founded in 2019 by BBC, CBC Radio Canada, Microsoft and the New York Times, focuses on tackling disinformation in digital news by defining an end-to-end process for publishing, distribution and attaching signals to a content to demonstrate its integrity.

The C2PA binds the efforts of these two groups and focuses exclusively on the development of open, global technical standards to channel the content provenance efforts of the CAI and Project Origin. C2PA is tasked with:

  • Documenting workflow requirements as informed by CAI, Project Origin and other partner organizations

  • Applying those requirements in development of content provenance specifications

  • Developing best practices and reference designs for applying those standards

  • Promoting selected specifications to become global standards

  • Promoting global adoption of digital provenance techniques

  • Promoting adoption of digital Coalition’s specifications and standards by social and media platforms

  • Ensuring content remains accessible even with digital provenance techniques applied

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